TEAMS 2001-2002
 1897 The Golden Year
 1FC Laundromat
 Aoife's XI
 A Taste of the Raj
 Athletico Salford
 Billy's Boots
 Birmingham Shitty
 Bill S Preston North End
 Clint Bizzell Juniors
 Crazyhorse FC
 Crumbs DM
 Duck United
 Feck-Arse-Nil FC
 Gazton Villa
 Hicky's Heroes
 Keane As Mustard
 Lion of Vienna Sleeps

 Luke Perry All-Stars
 Partick Duffy Thistle
 Oh Sheffield
 Roísíns XI
 Salford Strokers
 Soft Centres
 Spakatak Toxteth
 Supersonic FC
 The Darling Dubs That

 The Lone Rangers

 Torpedo Bermondsey
 Woodbourne Rovers

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 Gary's Dance




Last poll:
Who has been the biggest waste of money so far?

1. Jaap Stam
27 votes (18%)

2. Sergei Rebrov
23 votes (15%)

3. Mark Schwarzer
21 votes (14%)


Age: 35

Occupation: Not stated (but it's something techie)

Reason for knowing Gary or Neil: Unfortunately it's the LSE. Neil was on the same course and came in for some Catholic bashing in one class, but then got me writing for the Beaver, and the rest is history. Gary, I think is vaguely through the Beaver and the Tuns, but more than likely via Rosebery in the third year. Gary was a year below, and as I took a skive trip to the USA in 1993 I joined his year and the rest via Ents, the Chuckle Club and the Prog Rock Society, is history. (Yawn)

Clothing measurement of Choice: Collar Size 16

Fascinating fact: I have been paid to roadie for Hawkwind, Showaddywaddy, Wishbone Ash, Diamond Head and 3 Colours Red

Teams: I changed my team name from last year, as it was crap, to The Lion of Vienna Sleeps Tonight a reference to Nat Lofthouse, President of Bolton Wanderers.
Bill S Preston North End is my second team edited down because the original was to long, obviously based on the Bill and Ted adventures of the cool dudes from San Dimas High.
The Soft Centres was a Jazz Rock Fusion team put together with a lot up front, a relatively good keeper and nothing in the middle, a bit of a joke really.

Who do you really support? Bolton Wanderers

Why? You were born in Sunderland? Yes I was born in Sunderland and moved out when I was 3 months old. My mother grew up in Botlon pre and post second world war in what could be called their glory years. Bolton were promoted in 1976 to the old First Division, when I went to the Grammar School and in a new school it is best not to antagonise the Liverpool, Arsenal, Man Utd or Spurs fans!

That's no excuse is it? None what so ever, I was quite pleased when Sunderland beat Leeds in1973 FA Cup final, but I never felt any real affinity with Sunderland, just because I was born there. I'd rather support Tiverton Town than Sunderland, as I've lived there for over 25 years and they've been to Wembley and won trophies more recently.

Have you ever started a chant at the Reebok Stadium? If you mean have I come up with an original chant, that is now sung by the Reebok faithful, then no. I am not that original and neither are the rest of the Reebok. I mean, after almost 3 years the best we could come up with for Mark Fish was "Feeeeeeesh!", no wonder we sold him to Charlton, just like Claus Jensen. I mean what's the point in keeping players that you can't sing about?

Where do you think your team will finish? 1st ,15th and last, so I'll get my money back. Just joking. I'm quite pleased that 2 of my teams are in /around the top ten already, and if the strikers hit form even the Soft Centres might end up mid table. As I'm the only one with Viduka (I think) if he carry's on in his recent form there's an outside chance of a top 4 or higher finish for Bill S Preston North End. Similarly if Shearer, Owen and Phillips hit form, Lion and Bill have an opportunity as long as Hasselbank and Cole get injured!

Which of your teams is your favourite? Lion of Vienna Sleeps tonight, the Bolton old boys team, although there wasn't enough Bolton old boys playing in the Premiership to make up a five a side, so I had to mix and match (luckily).

Who do you most want to beat? Nity, as he was last and Callum because he was first. Also, anyone else that takes it so's only a game not a matter of life and death.

Who is the spawniest git in this year's dreamteam? Whoever wins! Even if it's me!

What has irritated you the most in the last week? Mark Fish, George Jnr, the rain and the volatility of the £/ exchange rate.

If you win, can we give you your prize money in Irish punts? Yes, see above and the exchange rate volatility. It's better £'s to punts, but not the other way around!

Clare Devaney
Ron Voce
Ashish Shah
Duncan Bryson
Nick Fletcher
Dave Nicholson
Nity Raj
Simon Stoker
Craig Hickson