League Championship
Year Champions Runners-up 3rd Place 4th Place Fair Play Wooden Spoon
2003 The Toffees Kopitesaregobshites Isle of Man Utd Bantam Menance Would Have Gone Further with Keano Lion of Vienna Sleeps Tonight
2002 Keane As Mustard Crumbs DM 1FC Laundromat Soft Centres Feck-Arse-Nil FC Lone Rangers Return
2001 Luke Perry All-Stars St. Reatham FC Duck Utd Freakin' Last Lion of Vienna Villa Rejects
2000 Ugly But Dangerous Oceans XI Billy's Boots - - Tast of the Raj

Dreamteam Cup
Year Cup Winners Runners-up Semi-Finalist (1) Semi-Finalist (2)
2003 Crumbs DM Freddie's Hair Isle of Man Utd Torpedo
2002 Keane As Mustard Athletico Salford Hicky's Heroes Feck-Arse-Nil FC
2001 Billy's Boots Luke Perry All-Stars Supersonic FC Sunday Stroolers

Dreamteam World Cup
Year Cup Winners Runners-up Third Place Wooden Spoon
2002 You Basturks! International Campions Cheeky Monkey FC A Taste of the International Raj