Choosing Your Side
You need to pick 11 Premiership players from the lists provided who you think will perform the best over this coming season.

Each one of your players scores points - or loses them - every time they play in a Premiership, FA Cup, Carling Cup, Champions League or UEFA Cup game until the end of the 2003/4 season.

Study the lists of players by clicking on the Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders and Centre Forward links.

The player lists include all the details you need to know, such as their price tags and how many points they scored in Dreamteam last season.

However, you must stick to these three basic rules:

  • Your team's value cannot exceed £40million.
  • You must pick no more than two players from any one Premiership side.
  • Your team must have one keeper, four defenders, three or four midfielders, and two or three forwards.
    1. Players who appear in the official Dreamteam list score points in Premiership, Champions League, UEFA Cup, FA Cup and Carling Cup matches from Saturday August 16 until the final game of the season. Qualifying rounds for the Champions League do NOT count - neither does the Intertoto Cup.

    2. Three points are awarded to a player given a mark of seven or more in SunSport's individual ratings carried with match reports. A five-point bonus is awarded to their Star Man.

    3. Five points are awarded for a goal scored. A player scoring three or more goals per game gets five additional bonus points. A player who has been awarded points as described above will retain those points regardless of whether a goal is attributed to another player at a later date. Any player who is subsequently awarded a goal will not receive the points.

    4. A keeper or a defender who keeps a clean sheet scores five points. If they concede one goal, they score no points, two goals -1, three goals -2 and so on. Players not picked for any reason score 0 points for each game they miss.

    5. Any keeper or defender who comes on as a sub scores points for a clean sheet or loses points for conceding goals as if they had played 90 minutes.

    6. Any player who is booked loses a point. A player sent off loses three points in total. Any player that loses points for a booking or sending off will not have those points reinstated if the offence is rescinded on appeal.

    7. The season's top individual scorer earns a 20-point bonus.

    8. There will be TWO mid-season Transfer Windows. During each one you can swap up to three players providing you do not break any of the existing rules - making a total of six changes in total over the course of the game. The first window will be in October, the second in January. Details will be announced nearer the time.

    9. Any player transferred from one Premiership club to another continues to score points. For the purposes of the game, he stays registered with his original club. If a player leaves the Premiership, his points are frozen until such a time that he returns.

    10. The rules remain the same for games involving extra-time. A match that is 0-0 after 90 minutes must be 0-0 after extra-time for keepers and defenders to keep clean sheets. Penalty shootouts do not count. Replays are counted as separate games.
    More on player ratings and Star Man awards
    A unique component of Dreamteam scoring is the points awarded based on the player ratings published with match reports in The Sun.

    At the beginning of the season each reporter is issued with strict guidelines - and for the first time we publish them here.

    Any player given a mark of seven or more by our reporters gets three points in Dreamteam. And the Star Man (i.e. the reporterís man of the match) picks up a five-point bonus.

    But what are the criteria used by our reporters in calculating those all-important player ratings?

    The player ratings are calculated taking both general and specific positional considerations into account.

    The criteria are:

    1. Involvement in the game. If during the overall course of a game a player does not make a positive contribution to his team, then he should not normally get a rating greater than 6.

    2. Inspirational play. A positive effect on other team members merits a higher rating. Because Dream Team points are allocated for specific events - goals, cautions, clean sheets etc. - there is no need to take these into account in the player rating, unless they stem from the specific positional consideration given below. By way of example, a striker might score two goals in a single game and gets ten Dream Team points for doing so. However both goals could have been complete flukes and, those aside, the striker had no other material involvement in the game. In this case he would not merit a rating of seven or more.

    3. Goalkeepers. Ratings for goalkeepers additionally take the following specific positional criteria into consideration:
  • Confidence and concentration
  • Command of the box and set piece control
  • Aerial effect
  • Shot stopping
  • Minimising the goal as a target
  • Building offence from defence

  • 4. Defenders. Ratings for defenders additionally take the following specific positional criteria into consideration:
  • Protection given to the goal
  • Confidence
  • Clearing the ball from the danger area
  • Set piece performance
  • Aerial ability
  • Tackles made and possession won
  • Building offence from defence

  • 5. Midfielders. Ratings for midfielders additionally take the following specific positional criteria into consideration:
  • Defensive contribution
  • Winning and retaining possession
  • Offence building and creation of goal scoring opportunities
  • Work rate and work off the ball
  • Attacking power
  • Goal attempts

  • 6. Strikers. Ratings for strikers additionally take the following specific positional criteria into consideration:
  • Work rate and work off the ball
  • Offence creation
  • Positional awareness
  • Creation of goal scoring opportunities
  • Achieving one-on-one situations
  • Attacking power
  • Goal attempts

  • All criteria have both positive and negative elements and the final rating awarded by a reporter is a combination of these. The Star Man award goes to the player deemed to have made the greatest contribution to the performance of the team.
    Dreamteam Cup
    The same rules apply for the Dreamteam Cup. However, players will go head-to-head, with the highest scorer on the day progressing through to the next round.

    Only players competing in that weekend's FA Cup fixtures will score points. Replays do not count.

    Fixtures will be drawn before each round commences.

    In the result of a draw, the team with the highest average progresses. If scores are still level, the team with the highest scoring individual player goes through. If scores are still equal, a penalty shoot-out will be organised.