Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing from News International Ltd, parent company of The Sun newspaper.

It has come to my attention that your website at you are running a fantasy football game called 'Dream Team', which is in breach of our property rights, including unlawful use of our trade marks and copyright material.

I would advise you that News International owns the trademark 'Dream Team' for its own various fantasy games, and in using this name, you could be seen to be implying an association with The Sun's Dream Team, or indeed, trading off our substantial reputation.

In addition, I note that you have copied our entire scoring criteria and SunSport's player ratings and star man awards for use in your own game. This use of our scoring rules is a direct violation of the Terms and Conditions of our Dream Team website,

Although we do not wish to stop your operation of a fantasy league, you will need to change the name of the game to something other than Dream Team, and you must devise a set of rules which are different to those of The Sun's Dream Team game.

I would therefore ask that you take the following action immediately:

1. Immediately remove any material which infringes the copyright of any News International newspaper from your website and any other website owned or controlled by you

2. Provide me with written undertakings, by fax or letter, that you will not, in future, infringe the copyright or trademarks of News International or any of its newspapers.

If you are willing to comply with these undertakings and confirm to me that you have done all that we have requested within the next seven days then we will be prepared to consider the matter closed. If, however, you fail to comply with these undertakings, or any further infringements come to light, you are advised that we will put the matter in the hands of our lawyers, who will be asked to pursue all possible remedies and compensation without further reference to yourself.

Pending a satisfactory conclusion of this matter all the rights and remedies of News International Ltd are reserved.

Yours faithfully,

Helen Brady
Intellectual Property Department
News International Newspapers
1 Virginia Street
London E98 1SY
020 7782 3419 (fax)

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