League Championship
Year Champions Runners-up 3rd Place 4th Place Fair Play Wooden Spoon
2002 Keane As Mustard Crumbs DM 1FC Laundromat Soft Centres Feck-Arse-Nil FC Lone Rangers Ret.
2001 Luke Perry All-Stars St. Reatham FC Duck Utd Freakin' Last Lion of Vienna Villa Rejects
2000 Ugly But Dangerous Oceans XI Billy's Boots - - Tast of the Raj

Dreamteam Cup
Year Cup Winners Runners-up Semi-Finalist (1) Semi-Finalist (2)
2003 Crumbs DM Freddie's Hair Isle of Man Utd Torpedo
2002 Keane As Mustard Athletico Salford Hicky's Heroes Feck-Arse-Nil FC
2001 Billy's Boots Luke Perry All-Stars Supersonic FC Sunday Stroolers

Dreamteam World Cup
Year Cup Winners Runners-up Third Place Wooden Spoon
2002 You Basturks! International Campions Cheeky Monkey FC A Taste of the International Raj